DEFINITY DS: Image and Sound, Direct-to-Print

DEFINITY DSCCG is proud to announce DEFINITY DS: the complete digital-to-film system for simultaneously recording both video and audio onto any 35mm film stock, with the quality and speed of CCG's latest, LED-powered LCD imager.

By radically reducing capital and material costs, DEFINITY DS ensures profitability in today's highly dynamic postproduction industry. It is priced to breakeven after just a few projects.

Utilizing new advances in optics, photonics, precision mechanics and LCD technology, DEFINITY DS is capable of bringing to film, simultaneously, all three cornerstones of today's cinema sound:

  • Dolby Stereo Analog (SR)
  • Dolby Digital (SR-D)
  • Digital Theater Systems time code (DTS)


This, combined with the system's great performance in direct-to-print recording, makes DEFINITY DS the ultimate device for limited releases or festival submissions.

DEFINITY DS does away with every but
the first and the last step in the digital-to-film workflow:

  • DS-Sound-FormatsDigital film recorder
  • Image negative processing
  • Optical soundtrack recorder
  • Sound negative processing
  • Laser subtitling machine
  • Contact printer
  • Print processing


The key advantages of this streamlined workflow:

  • Elimination of generational quality loss
  • Massive reduction in material and capital costs
  • Only a single, low-maintenance device to service


For wider releases, DEFINITY DS simultaneously records images and sound onto intermediate negative, at speeds and qualities matching or surpassing standard laser recorders.

And because DEFINITY DS does not rely on analog mechanics and exposure on fast-moving film, its sound quality in many respects even exceeds that of dedicated audio recorders.

DEFINITY DS will be available for delivery in mid-2012: We very much welcome your test files, both video and audio, for demo runs today!

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