Introducing DEFINITY HD

DEFINITY HDDEFINITY HD is the latest member of CCG's family of LCD digital film recorders: Our entry-level model, streamlined to do one thing exceptionally well: transferring digital video to 35mm film, at a price which makes economic sense in any post production environment.

DEFINITY HD makes no compromises when it comes to image quality: The same color fidelity, dynamic range and definition that characterize all CCG LCD film recorders, yet with a price well below EUR 100,000.

DEFINITY HD comes pre-calibrated for all major digital cameras by RED, ARRI or Panasonic, and its exceptional ease of use and minimal maintenance will make it one of the easiest devices to operate and service at your facility. Lightning-fast recording speeds of 1.6sec/frame and faster will allow you to record up to a dozen feature films each month.

DEFINITY HD is fully and easily upgradeable, ready to take on more demanding Digital Intermediate projects if the need arises: Upgrades for intermediate stocks and anamorphic Cinemascope, and two speed upgrades for even higher output rates: The optics kit with a powerful F/2.0 Zeiss lens system, and the photonics kit with CCG's breakthrough new LED light source.

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